Meowza! Kitten & Cat Adoption Fees Reduced in July

July 9, 2016

Summer is here, and with the warm weather comes a wave of cats and kittens. Warmer weather means that more cats are out and about exploring and brought into shelters by people who think they are lost. Summer is also the breeding season for unaltered cats, and the population of stray and unwanted kittens being brought into shelters skyrockets. In addition to more cats and kittens coming into KHS from our Kitsap County community, our Rescue Me partner shelters are also flooded with higher than usual amounts of cats and kittens in need. At many of our partner shelters, space, resources and adopters are limited, so hundreds, even thousands, of cats and kittens are at risk of being put to sleep.

In order to help as many cats and kittens as possible this summer, KHS is reducing adoption fees for all felines this July!!! Adoption fees for all adult cats (over 6 months old) are half-off all month. Adoption fees for kittens are also reduced- you can adopt one kitten for $100 (discount of $50), or two kittens for $150 (through our Adopt-a-Buddy discount) all month.  In addition, adult cat adoption fees are still just $30 every Friday as part of our ongoing Feline Friday promotion. KHS adoption counselors are onsite to help you find the best match for your family and lifestyle. And with the money left over from discounted adoption fees, you’ll be able to get a couple extra toys and treats for your new feline family member! KHS sells kitten/cat starter kits (complete with a litter box, small bag of litter and litter scoop), collars, tags, kitty toys and gently used cat trees and scratching posts!

the discounted adoption fees in July are good for cat and kitten adoption fees at KHS’s main shelter location, as well as all off-site weekend adoption events and at our adoption center at PetSmart in Lacey, WA.

For info on adopting from KHS, visit the Adoption page.