Low-cost Spay/Neuter


Due to COVID-19, for the safety of our staff and the community, we have made the decision to suspend all low-cost spay neuter appointments until further notice.

If you already have an appointment scheduled, you will be contacted by our team to reschedule when we are able to resume operations.

All clinics, including our monthly Low-Cost Microchip and Vaccine Clinic and our monthly Cat Fix Day have been canceled for the time being.

If you are looking to spay/neuter your pet or utilize one of our other low-cost veterinary services, please stay tuned on our website and social media channels for updates on when we are able to resume normal operations.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.




Did you know that just one unaltered female cat and her offspring could produce 420,000 cats in only seven years? Did you know that in six years, a female dog and her offspring could produce 67,000 puppies?

To help reduce pet overpopulation in our community, Kitsap Humane Society spays and neuters thousands of dogs and cats in Kitsap and Mason counties every year. We do this through:

  • Low-cost spay/neuter services for owned pets
  • Spay/neuter services for Community Cats
  • Last Litter program for owned mother cats and dogs

Spay/Neuter for Owned Cats and Dogs

Kitsap Humane Society offers low-cost spay/neuter surgery for cats and dogs to Kitsap County pet owners (and some Mason County pet owners) that meet our annual income guidelines.

Surgeries are performed on weekdays, by appointment only and must be scheduled online. Click here for the Surgery Scheduler.

Low-cost Spay/Neuter Deposit

Effective Feb. 16, 2020, a small deposit will be required when you make an appointment to reserve your pet’s surgery ($15 for cats, $30 for dogs).  Your deposit will be deducted from your balance due on the day of surgery. If you have a voucher for the surgery, your deposit will be refunded when you present your voucher on the day of surgery.

Cancellations – If you need to cancel your pet’s appointment, please notify us no later than 24 hours before the surgery date and your deposit will be refunded.  Late cancellations or no shows will forfeit their deposit.

Does my pet qualify?
  • Owners must be residents of Kitsap County or a Mason County resident who has been the recipient of a Mason County Certificate from a partnering organization.
  • Owners must meet annual income guidelines of $51,750 or less for a three-person family and $57,500 for a four-person family.
  • Your pet must be at least 16 weeks of age and not older than 7 years of age.
  • Female dogs must be under 75 pounds.
  • All pets must be free from known health problems.
Surgery Information
  • Drop off your pet at KHS between 7:30 and 8 a.m. the day of surgery (enter through Receiving door on the right side of the building).
  • All dogs  6 months and over must be leashed. Puppies  under 6 months must be carried into the building. All cats/kittens must be in carriers.
  • Pick up your pet the same day between 3 and 5 p.m.
  • Don’t feed your pet anything after midnight the night before surgery (water is OK).
  • Low-cost vaccinations and microchipping can be added on to your pet’s visit.
  •  Surgery is scheduled online here.


How Much Does it Cost?

dogicon@2x Dogs

Canine Spay <40lbs $78
Canine Spay 41-50lbs $88
Canine Spay 51-60lbs $98
Canine Spay 61-70lbs $108
Canine Spay 71-75lbs $118
(we do not spay over 75lbs)
Canine Neuter <40lbs $78
Canine Neuter 41-70lbs $88
Canine Neuter 71-100lbs $98
Canine Neuter >100lbs $128

cat_icon@2x Cats

Feline Spay $58
Feline Neuter $38


Other services

Rabies Vaccine (Includes certificate and rabies tag) $15
Other Vaccines $15ea
Microchip $30

Please note: We do charge an extra $20 for cryptorchid male animals due to the extra time these surgeries require. Shelter low-cost does not spay dogs over 75 lbs.  


*Payment is due at time of drop-off.  Cash and credit cards accepted. No checks please.

Cat Fix Day

Due to COVID-19, and for the safety of our staff and the community, we will be suspending Cat Fix Day until further notice.

Please follow our social channels @KitsapHumaneSociety and watch our calendar of events for updates. Thank you for your understanding.

Last Litter Program

Has your pet had a new litter of puppies or kittens in Kitsap or Mason counties? Make it their last litter!

Kitsap Humane Society works to reduce pet overpopulation, help prevent unplanned litters, and ensure that every animal in our community has a home. Through the Last Litter program, KHS offers FREE spay surgery for any female dog or cat whose offspring (puppies or kittens) is surrendered to the shelter for our adoption program! How it works:

  • Work with our Admissions staff to schedule a surrender appointment for your pet’s offspring.
  • Puppies and kittens must be weaned and of adoption age (at least 8-10 weeks old).
  • There is no surrender fee for puppies or kittens.
  • When you bring the babies in for surrender, you will be provided with a voucher for a free spay surgery for your pet through our Low-Cost Spay/Neuter program.
  • Schedule your pet for spay surgery through our online Spay/Neuter scheduling website (and provide the voucher at time of payment), or if your mother pet is a cat, you can use your free voucher at our walk-in Cat Fix Day on the last Tuesday of every month (no appointment needed).
  • KHS will get your pet’s babies vaccinated, treated for worms and fleas, spay/neutered, microchipped, and will find them great homes!
  • The Last Litter program is open to residents of Kitsap and Mason counties.


For more information, or to sign up for the Last Litter program, contact admissions@kitsap-humane.org or 360-692-6977, ext. 1123.

Reduced Price! $28 Spay/Neuter for Feral Cats

Do you help care for a feral/community cat colony? Or do you have feral cats living in your neighborhood?

Kitsap Humane Society is here to help with $28 spay/neuter surgeries for feral or community cats ONLY (no pets included).

Here are some of the details:

  • You must trap and transport the community/feral cats to and from the shelter.
  • Traps can be borrowed from KHS with a deposit.
  • Pets (owned animals) are not included in this offer.
  • Includes mandatory ear-tipping and rabies vaccinations.
  • Drop-ins are welcome. We can take only two cats at a time, but litters of kittens are OK.
  • KHS does not have the capacity to house community cats overnight. Please be prepared to drop off in the morning (drop off windows are: 7:30-8:00 a.m. or 11 a.m.-12 p.m.) and pick up the same day.
  • Please do not trap or bring community cats in on Saturdays, Sundays, or Wednesdays (no surgeries those days)
  • Do not give the cat any food after midnight (a little water is OK).

Thank you for helping cats and reducing kitty overpopulation in our community!

What is a Community Cat?

“Community Cat” is an umbrella definition that includes any un-owned cats. Community cats may be “feral” (unsocialized) or friendly, may have been born into the wild, or may be lost or abandoned pet cats that have been living outside.

Compassionate neighbors care for many community cats, and provide food, water, and even outdoor shelter. Other cats thrive in our temperate climate without any human intervention.

Whatever a cat’s individual circumstances, the term “community cat” reflects the reality that for these cats, “home” is within the community rather than in an individual household.

Kitsap Humane Society believes that community cats should be kept out of the shelter. We promote Trap/Neuter/ Return (TNR), which has proven to be the most effective, humane method of reducing community cat populations. Through TNR, community cats are humanely trapped, vaccinated, spayed/neutered, ear-tipped, and returned to their outdoor home to live out their lives.