Veterinary Lifesaving Center

Russ and Linda Young
Veterinary Lifesaving Center

Providing a Vital Safety Net for Pets and Their People

When the Kitsap Humane Society and other animal welfare organizations lobbied the Washington State legislature in 2019 to change the law to allow humane societies to perform low-cost surgeries, it was with the Russ and Linda Young Veterinary Lifesaving Center in mind.

We envisioned a place where people could receive care for their beloved companion animals in the face of difficult financial circumstances. Where a person’s ability to keep and love their pets isn’t determined by their bank account. A place that kept families together.

Today, that vision is a reality. The Russ and Linda Veterinary Lifesaving Center opened exclusively for emergency referrals from our community veterinary partners in September 2023 and in March 2024, opened to the general public who qualify. Among the features and services provided:

  • Reduced-fee veterinary services to families who are low income
  • Expanded and enhanced treatment and surgery areas for critical care patients
  • Separate, quieter, and less stressful recovery rooms for shelter pets to heal after surgery
  • On-demand access to x-rays, ultrasounds, and other diagnostic equipment
  • A specialized dental suite to provide greater individualized care