How to Adopt

COVID-19 Update: 

Due to COVID-19, Kitsap Humane Society has switched to an appointment-based adoption system, effective 3/27/20. Entry to the shelter is no longer permitted for general pet viewing. Please review the information below to find out more about how to adopt.

The Governor and State of Washington have updated their list of “essential businesses and activities” during the COVID crisis, with the following statement, which includes the services provided by KHS:
Activities related to animals are essential whenever necessary to preserve the health and welfare of our pets and service animals.

If you are experiencing symptoms that could be related to COVID-19, we ask that you cancel your appointment and don’t come to the shelter while you are ill. For a list of symptoms, please visit the CDC’s website.



View the available pets and select a few that you would like to meet.

Please note, it can take up to 4 hours for available pets to appear on the website after being made Available for Adoption or be removed from the website once adopted, so please be sure to check it frequently. In addition, we recommend checking our Facebook page for updates on available pets.


Schedule your Adoption Appointment here.

  • Appointments are open Thursday through Sunday and are scheduled between 12pm and 4pm.
  • Appointments can only be scheduled two days in advance, as new pets arrive at our shelter daily.
  • If there are no appointments for the pet type that you would like to meet listed on a specific day, that either means:
    • that all appointments for that pet type are full
    • we don’t have any of that pet type available for adoption
    • or you are looking too far into the future to schedule an appointment – remember you can only book an appointment up to two days in advance.
  • Be sure to check the Bookings page frequently, as appointments may open up as others cancel their upcoming appointments.
  • You can meet up to two pets at each adoption appointment, but you should have several pets in mind, in the event that your first or second choices are adopted during appointments prior to yours. We cannot guarantee that the specific pet you wish to meet will be available at the time of your appointment.
  • If you have an appointment scheduled to meet a specific pet, and another adoption appointment is scheduled for the same pet during the same time slot, priority will be given to the person who booked their appointment first.
  • If you book an appointment for the wrong animal type (for example you book an appointment for an Adult Cat, but indicate that you would like to meet kittens), your appointment will be cancelled. This is in order for us to be fair to those who booked their appointments for the correct animal type first, before appointments for that animal type were full and were made unavailable.
  • If you arrive more than 10 minutes late for your appointment time, we will be unable to move forward with your appointment to view the pets you wish to meet, and you will need to reschedule your appointment for a later date.
  • Before scheduling your appointment for adult dogs, be sure that all members of your household are available to be present. Adult dogs (ages 6 months and up) require that all household members and all resident dogs are present for the adoption meet. Adopters who do not come prepared with all household members and all resident dogs (if applicable) will not be able to move forward with their adoption meet and will need to reschedule.

Download an Adoption Application and fill it out prior to your appointment. 

You will bring your completed application to your adoption meet and greet. If you are unable to fill out your application in advance, paper copies will be available to fill out when you have arrived at the shelter for your appointment.

  • If you need to fill out your application in-person prior to your appointment, please arrive at the shelter a few minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time, so you have time to fill it out prior to your scheduled start time.
  • If you have completed an application online but you are unable to print it prior to your appointment, you can email your completed application to Please indicate in the subject line of your email the date and time of your scheduled appointment as well as the pets you are meeting at your scheduled appointment. Please note, emailing an application is not the same as scheduling an appointment! You must schedule your appointment here.

Come to the shelter at your scheduled appointment time to meet your selected pets.

The front doors of our Adoption Center will be locked, so please knock on the doors and staff will assist you.

  • Bring a valid photo ID and payment for the adoption fee (cash and major credit cards only, no checks).

Once you have arrived at the shelter for your scheduled appointment, you will have a Meet and Greet with an Adoption Counselor to discuss your application, review the information on the pets you want to meet, and introduce you to the pets. 

*Please note for dog adoptions: For dogs ages 6 months and up, all people in your household are required to come to the shelter for a Meet and Greet before an adoption can be approved or finalized.  Do you have other dogs in your home? You must bring them to the shelter for a Meet and Greet with the dog you are interested in adopting before your application may be approved. Adopters who do not come to their appointment with all members of the household and all resident dogs (if applicable) will not be eligible to move forward with their Meet and Greet and will need to reschedule for a later date when all members of the household can be present. 


If the Meet and Greet is a success, staff will complete your adoption paperwork to make it official! 


Your new pet will go home with you right away! 

All adopted dogs must leave the shelter on leash  and collar. Cats must leave in a carrier. Collars, leashes, and cardboard carriers are available for purchase at the shelter.

Small pets must leave in a size-appropriate carrier and livestock must leave in either a size-appropriate carrier (for example fowl) or in a secure trailer (for example for goats, pigs, horses, etc.)

Adoption Prices

Adoption prices may vary based on an animal’s age, size, breed, medical condition or length of time at the shelter. When you adopt from Kitsap Humane Society your adoption fee helps provide medical care, food, and shelter to the animals in our care.  

dogicon@2x Dogs

Puppies (up to 6 months) $475
Small Breed Teens (6 months to 1 year) $400
Large Breed Teens (6 months to 1 year) $250
Adult Small Breeds (1 – 6 years) $350
Adult Large Breeds (1 -6 years) $150
Senior Dogs (over 7 yrs) $75
Purebreds $500+
Medical Rescues $75
Hidden Gems 1/2 price

cat_icon@2x Cats

Kittens (up to 6 months) $175
Teen Cats (6 months to 1 year) $100
Adult Cats (1-6 yrs) $80
Seniors ( 7 years) $40
Medical Rescues $30
Hidden Gems 1/2 price

FELINE FRIDAYS: Every Friday at KHS – $30 adoption fees for ALL adult cats over 1 year!



Bearded Dragon $30
Bird- Cockatiel $30
Bird- Conure/ Parrot $100
Bird- Finch $10
Bird- Parakeet $15
Chicken $5
Chinchilla $75
Ferret $50
Gerbil $5
Goat $30
Guinea Pigs $10
Hamster $5
Mouse/Rat $5
Pig $30
Rabbit $5 – $15
Sheep $30
Turtle $5

Superhero Adoptions

Superhero Adoption fees are higher than standard adoption fees and may be assigned to animals who are purebred or who are highly sought-after breeds. These special Superhero Adoption fees help Kitsap Humane Society provide care for other pets in need, such as those who come to us in need of medical treatment. An animal with a Superhero Adoption fee will have the fee designated in their adoption summary on the website.

Hidden Gems

Have you found our Hidden Gems? Hidden Gems are animals who have been overlooked by other adopters and have a discounted adoption fee to help them find their forever homes. When animals have been available for adoption for over 30 days or if they have special housing requirements they will become one of our Hidden Gems. Every Hidden Gem has a half price adoption fee. Be sure to walk through our kennels and look for the gem icon on the animals kennel card, or check in with our Customer Service team at the front desk to learn more.


Adoption fees may be reduced during certain events and promotions- view our current News and Events pages for information on upcoming adoption discounts or check out our Calendar of Events.