Land Acknowledgement


We honor the first people of these lands by acknowledging that the area in which operate is within the traditional territory of the Suquamish Tribe of Indians.  By honoring those who inhabited the land before us, we help to build understanding around the history of our land and its Indigenous People, as well as set the tone for honoring all people who have been historically marginalized or under-served.

A land acknowledgement shares a commitment to honoring Native communities, educates all within a community in local history, and can demonstrate a sustained commitment to building authentic community relationships to advance equity for all.  It is only one small part of supporting Indigenous communities.

The following Land Acknowledgement has been approved by the Suquamish Tribe:

We would like to begin by acknowledging that the land on which we gather is within the ancestral territory of the suq̀ʷabš “People of Clear Salt Water” (Suquamish People). Expert fisherman, canoe builders and basket weavers, the suq̀ʷabš live in harmony with the lands and waterways along Washington’s Central Salish Sea as they have for thousands of years. Here, the suq̀ʷabš live and protect the land and waters of their ancestors for future generations as promised by the Point Elliott Treaty of 1855.