Adoption Prices

Kitsap Humane Society is open for walk-through animal viewing from noon to 5 pm, and adoptions from noon to 4 pm, every day except Tuesday.

Adoption Prices

Adoption prices may vary based on an animal’s age, size, breed, medical condition or length of time at the shelter. When you adopt from Kitsap Humane Society your adoption fee helps provide medical care, food, and shelter to the animals in our care.  

dogicon@2x Dogs

Puppies (up to 6 months) $500
Adult Dogs up to 25 lbs. $350
Adult Dogs over 25 lbs. $150
Seniors (7 years+) or Special Needs $75

cat_icon@2x Cats

Kittens (up to 6 months) $175 or 2 for $300
Adult Cats (6 months to 7 years) $80
Seniors (7 years+) or Special Needs $40









Bearded Dragon $30
Bird- Cockatiel $30
Bird- Conure/ Parrot $100
Bird- Finch $10
Bird- Parakeet $15
Chicken $5
Chinchilla $75
Ferret $50
Gerbil $5
Goat $30
Guinea Pigs $10
Hamster $5
Mouse/Rat $5
Pig $30
Rabbit $50
Sheep $30
Turtle $5
Duck $5

Pets for Patriots Partner

To support our veteran community, Kitsap Humane Society is partnered with Pets for Patriots to provide 50% off discounted adoptions to veterans* searching for animal companions. To qualify for this discount, please contact Pets for Patriots directly for information and pre-approval. This partnership also supports the continued care of their new furry family member.

*Any veteran having served a minimum of 190 days of military service (basic and active duty training excluded) that can provide proof of service in the form of one of the accepted documents may qualify for Pets for Patriots.

Adoption fees may be reduced during certain events and promotions- view our current News and Events pages for information on upcoming adoption discounts or check out our Calendar of Events.