Foster Care

Foster Update: 

Our largest foster need is for people who are able to care for ill or injured animals, animals who are stressed by being in a kennel, or underage puppies and kittens who come to the shelter with or without a mom.

If you are interested in becoming a member of our foster team long-term, please email a foster application to

A member of our team will get back to you to provide all the details you need to become a foster parent, as we have transitioned to a virtual orientation!

Kitsap Humane Society needs Foster Care Volunteers year round! Join us in saving lives.

Why Foster?
  • Foster homes are needed to provide temporary homes for animals whose current medical or behavior conditions are not manageable in a shelter setting.
  • In the summer and fall, hundreds of young kittens too young for adoption are in urgent need of foster care.
  • Foster care is also needed year round for healthy, sick and injured dogs of all sizes, breeds and ages, and for sick and injured cats.
  • By taking a foster animal into your home on a temporary basis, the animal is given the opportunity to adjust to a home environment, given additional time to find a permanent home, and more room is available at the shelter for another animal in need.

How it works

What it takes

Fostering a shelter animal is a wonderful, rewarding experience, but can also be time consuming and hard work.

Although previous fostering experience is not required, the ideal foster care provider will have basic knowledge of animal care and training, as well as a desire to find their foster animal a safe, loving forever home.

As a foster parent, you will provide your animals with care, including food, water, shelter, litter, training and trips to Kitsap Humane Society for medical treatment when necessary.

The length of foster care commitment varies widely based on each animal. Some animals may only need a couple weeks of foster care; other animals may need many months of foster care. The length of time can depend on the animal’s age, medical issues or adoptability.


What you get

Kitsap Humane Society provides Foster Care Volunteers and their foster pets with pet food, basic vet care, and behavior training resources and support as needed. All foster parents are paired with an experienced Foster Mentor who can provide one-on-one support.

Donated treats, toys and litter are also available for Foster Care Volunteers when available.

Become a Foster Care Volunteer!

To join Kitsap Humane Society’s Foster Care Program, please:


Complete the Foster Care Application  and email it to  You can also submit at the KHS customer service desk during business hours or mail it in.


Attend a Foster Care Orientation! General orientations are held on the 2nd Saturday of each month, while dog-specific orientations are held on the 4th Saturday of each month. Please check our Calendar for upcoming dates, and email our Foster Coordinator to sign up to attend:



If you would like more information before attending Orientation, review the Foster Program Manual  and Kitten or Puppy Manual.



Once you’ve attended Orientation, you’ll be added to our email list and contacted when we have pets in need of placement!

Requirements for the KHS Foster Care Program:

  • Foster Care Volunteers must be at least 16 years old. Foster Care Volunteers ages 16 and 17 must have written approval from a parent or legal guardian.
  • All resident dogs and cats must be up to date on vaccines.
  • If interested in fostering a dog and have dogs at home, you must bring resident dogs into the shelter with you to meet with each potential foster dog to avoid any major personality clashes.