Pet Protection Program

Providing Temporary Housing in Times of Crisis

Kitsap Humane Society’s Pet Protection Program offers a temporary safe haven for cats belonging to victims of domestic violence, people experiencing job loss, homelessness, or other unexpected life changes. The program provides a foster home for cats until the pet owner finds stable housing for a period up to 90 days, at no cost to the pet owner.

Cats will be cared for in approved KHS foster homes, as well as at the shelter, or in area veterinary offices and boarding facilities when needed.

Cats must be older than 6 months and pass an intake evaluation to be admitted to the program and there is no cost to the pet owner for this program. If the cat(s) have not been spayed/neutered or microchipped prior to admission, those services will be provided by KHS at no cost. Animals who become ill during their stay will be treated by veterinary staff. Donations are welcome to help offset program costs.

The cats may be retrieved by their owners at any time during the program contract, upon arrangement with KHS staff. The Pet Protection Program is confidential and will protect the privacy of participants, an important aspect of assisting victims of domestic violence.

To review the contract for admission to the Pet Protection Program, click here. To contact a staff member about the program, please contact our Admissions Department at

Would you like to help pet owners in need in our community by becoming a foster parent for the Pet Protection Program? Click here.