Joanna’s Road to Recovery

July 13, 2016

Hello, my name is Joanna (Intake #54838) and I’m a sweet, friendly, laid-back kitty who arrived at KHS as a stray with multiple injuries including a fractured pelvis. Our Vet Services team cared for me for the past several weeks and now I’m a happy, healthy kitty who is ready for my forever home. I will always have some special physical challenges as a result of my previous injuries. I arrived at the shelter with severe trauma to my pelvis, resulting in multiple fractures and some paresis of one hind leg. I received cage rest for many weeks and have been doing really well. My follow-up X-rays showed the pelvic fractures did not heal back together, but are stable. Despite the non-union, I do remarkably well. I walk a little funny, but I’m able to jump on and get down from low surfaces and I navigate steps well. Due to my mobility issues, I need an uncovered litter box with low sides. I’m a social, affectionate girl who enjoys it when you pick me and sit me on your lap. I will purr and give you head butts and sometimes gentle love bites. I’m not a huge fan of dogs so I would prefer a dog-free home. Due to my previous injuries,  I would do best in a home without any small children who might accidentally injure me. I’m a great catch and will make a great companion. You can meet me and other adoptable animals at Kitsap Humane Society, open six days a week.

Joanna 1