Keeping Your Pets Safe this Holiday Season

November 4, 2020

It’s almost time to celebrate the holidays! Follow these suggestions to keep your fur-family safe and healthy this year.

Cut the scraps 

Those big ol’ puppy eyes and tiny meows might tempt you, but you should not feed your pet table scraps! Consumption of fatty foods such as turkey, butter and gravies can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain triggered by pancreatitis inflammation. Foods containing dough and yeast can also cause painful gas, while corn cobs and discarded turkey bones can result in gastrointestinal injuries.

Festive meals for you fur-family

Want your pets to join in on the fun of festive feasts? Many brands offer turkey and pumpkin-flavored food that your pet can enjoy without experiencing a tummy ache. Try feeding them seasonal flavored pet food away from the dinner table.

Plan time for zoomies

If you’re hosting during the holidays, make sure your pet gets plenty of time to run around and tire themselves out. Doing so can put anxious pets at ease, allowing them to relax before your guests arrive.

One man’s trash is another dog’s treasure

Soon after dinner, you might hear your pet’s little nose sniffing around the trash can, searching for the scraps that they had so faithfully begged for. Animals are mischievously resourceful and will scavenge through the trash for leftovers. Prevent your pet from dumpster diving by making sure all garbage is disposed of in a tightly secured trash bag placed in a covered trash bin outdoors.

License, please!

Renewing or getting your pet licensed is so important! All the hustle, bustle, and holiday cheer might seem welcoming to us, but it can be overwhelming and scary for your pets. Some pets may slip out the door and wander from home in search of a safe place to relax. If your pet is lost, a license can help identify where they belong and get them home safely.