Special June Adoption Promotion- $10 cats!

May 31, 2017

This June, Kitsap Humane Society is partnering with the Best Friends Animal Society for a very special adoption promotion! For the month of June, adoption fees for all older adult cats, senior cats, and special case cats are just $10! Being an older cat or cat with special needs in a shelter is never easy, but in the summer, competition from cute kittens means these deserving cats often wait longer than usual to find loving homes. The adoption promotion is a way to give these wonderful cats some extra exposure to adopters, and the discounted fee is a thank you to adopters for opening their homes and hearts to older and special cats.

So what cats will have $10 adoption fees in June? “Older adult” and “senior cats” will all have $10 adoption fees- that means any cats seven years and older. “Special cases” are cats that may have past or current medical issues that an adopter needs to be aware of will also have $10 adoption fees. Examples of special cases include cats with: a history of past urinary issues (like urinary crystals, bladder stones, etc); vision issues; mobility issues/old fractures; allergies; dental issues.  Many of the special cases do not require ongoing treatment or vet care and just require an adopter who can accommodate their special needs. Some special cases do need ongoing medical care, but a supply of any needed medication or prescription diet will be sent with the adopter at no charge. You can see our selection of cats available for adoption on our website, where you can also learn about our adoption process.

KHS is able to partner with Best Friends on this exciting promotion thanks to our participation in the Best Friends “No More Homeless Pets Network”. The Network brings together progressive animal welfare organizations from around the country to implement best practices and innovative adoption strategies. This June $10 adoption promotion aims to find loving homes for lots of older adult, senior, and special cats. When one of these cats is adopted, it opens up room in our cat adoption room so that we can take in another cat in need. Our goal is to save as many lives as we can, and rely on our amazing community to help us, as volunteers, foster parents, and adopters.