What is a Canaan Dog?

May 6, 2016

What is a Canaan Dog?

Since the Kitsap Humane Society’s Rescue Me program  started partnering with the Israeli division of Wings of Rescue, our adoption program has started to have some very unique dogs- mixes of a breed called Canaan Dog. According to The Canaan Dog Club of America, the breed was developed from redomesticated dogs captured in the Palestine, where they were first used for guarding and tending cattle and sheep. The Israelis have since used the Canaan Dog for guard duties, as mine detectors during war times, as messengers, and as Red Cross helpers. The American Kennel Club describes  the Canaan Dog breed as: alert, vigilant, territorial, docile with family, aloof with strangers.


What adopter is ideal for a Canaan Dog mix?

The dogs from Israel that we have at KHS are Canaan dog mixes, so they will have many of the qualities, skills and needs described above. For the right home, Canaan dog mixes will make an excellent pet, and the ones we have adopted out so far are doing great in their new homes.

Intelligent/Working breed= Will be on their best behavior when they are mentally and physically engaged (not bored!). They excel in training, like dog/food puzzles, as well as typical exercise like running and hiking.

Alert/vigilant= May give warning or alert barks when there are noises (like foot or vehicle traffic outside), so apartments or homes with residents or neighbors intolerant to barking are not ideal.

Territorial= Like many other dogs, Canaans can be wary of new people coming onto their property or home. They may be aloof, avoidant or stressed by new people coming onto the property or into the house, including possible barking. Will need slow and positive introductions to strangers or to be put away when repair men, etc come over, and would do best a home where they are not going to have lots of strange visitors over frequently.

Docile with family= Bonds quickly to their family members/frequent friends. Is not necessarily cuddly or overly affectionate.

Herding/hunting genes= Most Canaan mixes will think small furry things are for chasing (and maybe eating!) so homes without cats, small animals or chickens are usually best.


KHS’s Canaan Dog Mixes

There are no purebred Canaan Dogs at KHS, and the mixes we have available for adoption could have anywhere from a little or a lot of actual Canaan Dog in them. These dogs are shelter dogs from Israel that will need dedicated, patient adopters to help them adjust to their new home, new language, new rules and new schedule. With structure and consistency these dogs will adjust well to their new home and make fabulous companions! Our Behavior and Training departments also provide post-adoption follow up support if needed.

Current Canaan Dog mixes currently available for adoption include Coco, David, Zippy and Shawn! Visit our adoption page to find out how you can adopt a Canaan Dog mix!

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