So You Brought Toto Home During the Challenge…Now What?

August 16, 2011

You’ve adopted, what an experience!  You feel the initial rush of excitement and joy, leading to gratitude, you want to share this experience…


Why not become one of an amazing team visiting good folks that just need a warm paw in their life?  Become a Pet Partner today and save a life again!


Top 5 Reasons to become a KHS volunteer AND Delta Society Pet Partner

1. You and your pet will make a positive difference in the day of each resident, patient, and person you visit!

2. Toto needs a job! 

3. You’ll join a volunteer community that can provide support and assist you with visits.

4. You’ll have access to supplemental training activities for you and your pet through KHS.

5. Become a part of a local organization with long-standing dedication to serving the Kitsap community