What’s in a name?

August 15, 2011

When a stray animal comes into our shelter they are nameless. They need an identity. A name for people to connect with. And preferably a name that gives a potential insight to their personality. Our dedicated staff and volunteers understand this need. They try to match an animal’s name with their personality. Are they chatty, a snuggle bug, or hyper? The right name will let the adopter’s know.

So who do we have available right now for adoption?

How about Honey, a super sweet orange tabby that will melt your heart?

Banshee, a beautiful black domestic short hair, is looking for a home where she can have the final say, and let you know when she is happy, or sad, or just wants to talk.

Ozzie, a four month old domestic longhair, wants to be a rock star. He is a little wild, and he loves to sing and jump around.

Looking for a couch potato? Cheezeburger, an orange tabby kitten, wants to just hang out and take a nap. Having a snack on the couch? That’s even better.

Speedy is an Australian Shepherd who LOVES to run. He really wanted to be a greyhound, and he would be great at agility.

Dove is a chocolate Pit Bull/ Pointer mix. She is gentle, beautiful, and floats when she walks.

And if you still haven’t found an animal by now there is always Elvis, a handsome coonhound mix. He can sing with the best of them. We can’t wait to announce that Elvis has left the building…

~Heather Kite, Animal Welfare Coordinator