Letter to the Shelter

December 22, 2009

To our supporters, thank YOU for playing a part in ending pet overpopulation and abuse. We received this letter from a caring member of the community:

I have to say that this is probably the best Humane Society I have ever been to. The people here are really professional, and the shelter is spotless clean. They make sure adopters know as much as possible about each animal’s temperament. They have a good review process for each adopter as well. You can tell that they really do care about making sure these animals go to a great home that will treat them well, and won’t just end up dumping them right back on the shelter’s doorstep if something doesn’t go right.

They even offer phone numbers to help with any problems that may arise for the new pet adoptee. They sent home tons of information with us for our new kitty and even gave us a bag of kitty food! I thought that was really nice. I don’t know if it was donated from Science Diet or just included in the price, but it’s certainly a big help and makes a lot of sense for the new pet to stay on the food they’ve been on in the shelter, for awhile, as they get settled into their new home. They are stressed out enough, without having any digestion issues.

I want to thank the shelter for being so “with it” and for it’s wonderful, caring staff of employees and volunteers. And I also want to thank the good people who adopt from and donate to our shelters. All of these people are really a huge benefit to critters everywhere.