Holidays Abound With Small Miracles

December 22, 2009

Despite the frozen pipes and window scraping, the joy of compassion fills our building. Peaches, long a director favorite, was just adopted by a fellow feline lover. For weeks Peaches hid at the back of her kennel, terrified and ready to protect herself. Undaunted, caring volunteers and staff poured one-on-one attention into our little friend. Volunteers, ripe with excitement waited to catch the executive director in the hall one morning. “Look!” they said. There was Peaches, purring confidently and enjoying her stay with us. She felt comfortable enough to approach strangers, and sure enough was shortly adopted. Coincidence? The acts of kindness, no matter how small seeming, together bring us closer to our vision of the future. Good luck Peaches in your new forever home! Sean Compton, MBA Executive Director