2010 Year of the Cat

January 26, 2010

Cats in Chinese folklore are often bad luck; however we are looking to change their bad luck streak this year! Cats like other companions make our lives more full, worthwhile, and particularly rodent free. This year you will see major improvement to our feline kennels, including our Feline Free Roam Area for behavioral therapy. Throughout the year we will be offering adoption specials, education, product information, and coupons to support the mission to better the lives of cats. We don’t mean to slight our canine cousins; in fact we also have special plans for a Canine Behavior Rehab area thanks to our new Behavior Team. Dogs however have been the highlight of shelter after shelter in the US, while felines continue to suffer higher euthanasia rates, lower rates of being found by owners and less than adequate shelter provisions typically. In 2010 Kitsap Humane Society joins a small but growing movement of progressive shelters seeking to do the right thing finally for felines, please stay tuned! If you wish to partner with us in these successes, we want to hear from you. Whether you are able to donate time, resources, or abilities our animal want you to share in their finest hour. 2010 is Year of the Cat at Kitsap Humane Society, whether a barn cat or a ferocious tiger!