Our News Archive: 2022

Pet of the Week — Sheba

February 21, 2022

Meet Sheba! This affectionate 9-year-old Karelian Bear Dog loves doing zoomies around the yard and is always stoked to see other friends on walks, whether they’re humans, dogs, or deer! Sheba’s previous foster has reported that she has wonderful house manners, and she’s been described as a lovely and relaxed guest in our staff office… Read Entire Story »

Pet of the Week — Mr. Bones

February 14, 2022

Meet Mr. Bones! If you adopt Mr. Bones, you’ll be sure to see his handsome face when you wake up every morning, or when you get home from work, or when Mr. Bones is ready for his dinner, especially if you entice him with his favorite treats. This handsome man is a mild-mannered, 13-year-old kitty… Read Entire Story »

Pet of the Week — Mowgli

February 7, 2022

Meet Mowgli! Mowgli is a wiggly, wonderful tri-pawd pup just over 10 months old. This little guy loves toys, and is a big fan of watching birds and squirrels outside. Mowgli has plenty of energy, and would love a yard to bounce around in! When it’s chill time, he also adores belly rubs and cuddles…. Read Entire Story »

Pet of the Week – Lulu

January 31, 2022

Meet Lulu! Lulu is an adorable all white pittie mix who is the happiest girl around. She loves everyone she meets and will always greet you with a wagging tail and wiggly butt! Lulu loves carrying around her favorite tennis ball and enjoys going for walks and sniffing all the smells along the way. Lulu is a special girl, as she is… Read Entire Story »

Pets of the Week — Montego, Jamaica, & Nassau

January 24, 2022

Meet Montego, Jamaica, and Nassau! These beautiful roosters are looking for a forever home where they can enjoy all the best things in life! Montego, Jamaica, and Nassau enjoy grazing on various greens and sunflower seeds and look forward to expanding their palates with lots of wonderful rooster-appropriate snacks in their new homes. Rooster adoption… Read Entire Story »

Pet of the Week — Sedona

January 18, 2022

Sedona is a gorgeous 3-year-old pittie, with a shimmery blue coat and the sweetest brown eyes. When he’s not busy taking in all the sights and smells on walks, Sedona enjoys sweet cuddles, pets, and quality time with his person. Quite the gentleman, Sedona is wonderful company and is a great walking buddy. Since Sedona… Read Entire Story »

Pet of the Week — Azula

January 11, 2022

Meet Azula! Azula is a charming 11-year-old brown tabby with the funniest curly pig tail! Azula loves affection and will happily head butt you to let you know she is ready for more pets. Plus, her wonderfully fluffy coat is hard to resist! This senior gal is a lady of simple pleasures and enjoys taking… Read Entire Story »

Meet Puppuccino Pal Sponsor, Cup of Jo

January 3, 2022

We are happy to introduce our first Puppuccino Pal Sponsor of 2022, Cup of Jo! Located just off of Kitsap Boulevard in Port Orchard and WA-3 in Allyn, this welcoming coffee stand offers organic coffee from Grounds for Change in Poulsbo and warm and efficient customer service.  Cup of Jo strives to offer a unique… Read Entire Story »

Pet of the Week — Amos

Meet Amos! This sweet guy is a 1-year-old male boxer mix and is full of zoomies and love! Amos is a super active pup who enjoys spending his time chasing his favorite toy and practicing his zoomies. Amos loves to exercise and explore the outdoors so he is looking for a family that will join… Read Entire Story »

Pet of the Week — Saylor

December 27, 2021

Meet Saylor! This beautiful brindle gal is a 3-year-old Hound/Shepherd mix who’s excited to find a loving, patient forever home. Saylor came to Kitsap Humane Society all the way from Hawaii and is looking forward to living life in the Pacific Northwest. Saylor may not have spent much time living indoors before, so she has… Read Entire Story »