Pet of the Week

Pet of the Week — Penelope
Meet Penelope! This 10-month-old Shepherd/Hound mix is always ready to join you on all of life’s fabulous adventures. Penelope is an outgoing girl who loves zooming around the yard, chasing after squeaky toys and tennis balls. But most of all, she loves WATER! She absolutely loves to wade around in streams, ponds, or lakes you might... Read Entire Story » Adopt Me Now »

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Keeping Your Pets Safe on these Cold December Nights

Curl up by the fire Staying inside during cold weather is an important part of keeping your pet safe this winter. It’s a common belief that a pet’s fur coat makes them resistant to the cold weather, but this is not true. Just like us, our cats and dogs are susceptible to frostbite and hypothermia… Read Entire Story »

The Wonderful Life of Bindy

KHS Alum lives every dog’s dream Long-time Kitsap Humane Society supporter Denis Powers has found joy in providing his rescue dogs with the most adventurous and relaxing life he could. Over the years, Denis has adopted three cats from KHS as well as his dogs Spencer, Baily, Bindy, and Kyna. Denis felt that he had… Read Entire Story »

Pet of the Week — Amelia

December 1, 2020

Meet the amazing Amelia! This four-year-old, Bull Terrier mix is looking for her lifelong play-time partner. Amelia loves a good game of catch, whether that be with a ball or a treat tossed into the air. She would love having space to run around and get her zoomies out. Amelia would be a great hiking… Read Entire Story »

KHS Volunteer Molly Clark Wins Best Community Volunteer

November 23, 2020

As a result of her dedicated work as a Kitsap Humane Society volunteer, the community has voted Molly Clark “Best Community Volunteer” in the Best of Central Kitsap/Bremerton competition hosted by Sound Publishing. About seven years ago Molly began volunteering at Kitsap Humane Society. Molly has always felt at home here at KHS. Here she… Read Entire Story »

Pets of the Week — Malia and Lilinoe

Meet Malia and Lilinoe! These two precious kittens are transfers from Hawaii and they are looking for their forever families. Malia and Lilinoe are both in love with playtime. Malia loves to chase after ball toys and to roll around with stuffed animals. Lilinoe is a champion toy-wrestler and loves a good feather wand. These two… Read Entire Story »

Pet of the Week — Kiki

November 17, 2020

Meet Kiki! This gorgeous girl will greet you with kind golden eyes and a gentle meow. Kiki is a petite, buff tabby and white colored domestic shorthair, and she is only 2 years old. She loves attention and will come to you for pets. While Kiki is friendly, she does have a dash of “cattitude”… Read Entire Story »

Keeping Your Pets Safe this Holiday Season

November 4, 2020

It’s almost time to celebrate the holidays! Follow these suggestions to keep your fur-family safe and healthy this year. Cut the scraps  Those big ol’ puppy eyes and tiny meows might tempt you, but you should not feed your pet table scraps! Consumption of fatty foods such as turkey, butter and gravies can cause vomiting,… Read Entire Story »

Donate to Kitsap Humane Society’s Holiday Food Drive Today

November 3, 2020

Please join Kitsap Humane Society in our second-annual community food drive during the month of November! This special food drive for people and pets will help stock the shelves of Kitsap Humane Society’s Pet Food Pantry, as well as the shelves of food banks throughout Kitsap County. Last year, Kitsap Humane Society’s community food drive… Read Entire Story »