Pet of the Week

Pet of the Week — Dominic
Meet Dominic! Dominic is a three-year-old, handsome Pit Bull mix with the silliest but most endearing personality. Dominic loves people and is such a happy, snuggly boy. He will lean against you for pets and will always greet you with a wagging tail. His gentle soul and happiness are contagious! Dominic loves naps and cuddling up inside of... Read Entire Story » Adopt Me Now »

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Pet of the Week — Madeline & Sophia

January 19, 2021

Meet Madeline and Sophia! These two gorgeous, seven-year-old sisters came to KHS together. Madeline and Sophia have lived together their entire lives, so they are looking for a forever family who has a heart big enough for the both of them! These kitties are sure to make the best cuddle pals. Madeline is the more… Read Entire Story »

KHS Announces Executive Transition

January 13, 2021

Dear Friends of KHS, After more than eight incredible years, I have made the decision to transition out of the role of KHS’s Executive Director. Kitsap Humane Society’s Board of Directors is now conducting a nationwide search to select my successor with the assistance of a recruiting firm. Once that person has joined the team,… Read Entire Story »

A Year Like No Other – 2020 Highlights

It is no secret that 2020 has been a difficult year for our community and society as a whole. Even though Kitsap Humane Society faced challenges we had never seen before, the wonderful support of our community and the hard work of our staff and volunteers helped us continue to provide lifesaving care to animals… Read Entire Story »

One Unique Cat Finds His Unique Forever Family

After almost two months at Kitsap Humane Society, our unique pal Thomas has found the loving family he always wanted.  Every kitty is a little different… Thomas is an adorable senior cat who came to Kitsap Humane Society as a stray. When Thomas came to us, his upper lip was red and sore. Our vets… Read Entire Story »

Pet of the Week — Ricky

January 12, 2021

Meet Ricky! Ricky is a loving, four-year-old Chihuahua mix looking for a position as his human’s shadow. That’s right, Ricky loves to be near your side. Whether you are cooking, sleeping, or just walking around, Ricky will be there. This little guy loves affection and can’t wait to show you how good he is at… Read Entire Story »

Why I Adopted from KHS: Hank, Kai, and Crash

January 6, 2021

Everyone has a different reason for choosing to bring animals into their family. When the search finally begins, it’s time to make the choice between adopting or shopping. Here’s one family’s reasons for choosing to adopt from KHS not just once, but three times.   “We chose shelter animals because I think that there are… Read Entire Story »

Pet of the Week — Murphy

January 5, 2021

Meet Murphy! This fluffy boy is a laidback senior looking for a forever family that will celebrate his golden years with him. Murphy loves to curl up in blankets, on kitty pillows, or fluffy cat beds. His main talent is finding the cutest possible way to nap. Murphy would do best in a home where… Read Entire Story »

Pet of the Week — Hope

December 28, 2020

Meet Hope! This adorable, one year old hound mix is looking for her forever family. Hope is a young and active pup who can keep up with a busy lifestyle of adventures to the beach, walks in the woods, and other fun activities. Are you a foodie? So is Hope. She loves her treats. Hope… Read Entire Story »

Pet of the Week — Tammy

December 21, 2020

Meet Tammy! This seasoned sweetie would love to serve as your one and only Chief Couch Potato. Tammy is a big gal who wants nothing more than to be right by your side. She is very loving and gives A+ full-body leans. Tammy is super snuggly and would love to spend her days and nights… Read Entire Story »

Pet of the Week — Pirate

December 14, 2020

Meet Pirate! This 11-year-old shepherd-hound mix has the floppiest and cutest ears you’ve ever seen. Despite his senior status, Pirate is still full of energy and loves his play time. He can’t wait to get all of his energy out while walking on the beach or through the woods with his forever family. If Pirate’s… Read Entire Story »