Pet of the Week

Pet of the Week – Gertie
Meet Gertie (83125)! She is a cute and cuddly 10-year-old kitty who will sit on your lap and purr for pets. She is such a sweetheart and when she is not getting pets and attention from her humans, she prefers to take long cat naps in windows to sunbathe. Gertie has plenty of spunk in... Read Entire Story » Adopt Me Now »

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Pet of the Week – Bruiser

December 27, 2018

Meet Bruiser (81222)! He is a gentle black and white cat with a sweet personality. He loves receiving affection and playing with toys! His favorite toys are balls, fake mice, and laser pointers. Bruiser would greatly benefit from a calm and quiet home where he is free to lounge around in an empty window sill,… Read Entire Story »

Pet of the Week – Duke

December 18, 2018

Meet Duke (22521)! He isa sweet senior gentleman who is about 7 years old. This handsome boy appears tobe a Basset Hound/Pit Bull mix. He enjoys going for walks with you, sniffingall the exciting new smells in the grass, and romping around in the yard. Dukeis also house trained and enjoys playing with other dogs…. Read Entire Story »

Santa Paws … A Record-Breaking Turnout!

December 17, 2018

We are ho ho holidays here at Kitsap Humane Society after the completion of our fourth Santa Paws event last weekend! Over the course of four separate dates, we posed nearly 200 groups of people and pets with the man in red himself and raised just over $7,000 for shelter pets in need through this… Read Entire Story »

Adopting Over the Holidays

With kids on break and many adults taking time off over the holidays, it can be a wonderful time to add an adopted pet into the family. This can provide lots of time to bond, play, and spend quality time together! Make sure you’re ready for this important decision, though! Adopting a kitty or a… Read Entire Story »

Pet of the Week – Emilio

December 11, 2018

Meet Emilio (78954)! He is a wonderful 13-year-old cat who is a total love. He may be 13, but Emilio has a huge heart and lots of love to offer! He likes the occasional chat and has a cute meow. This older gentleman is a great companion. He is a mellow boy who just wants… Read Entire Story »

Pet of the Week – Stephy

December 4, 2018

Meet Stephy (80533)! Stephy is a striking 3-year-old Cattle Dog/Pitbull mix. This happy girl loves to play with toys  and tug-of-war is her favorite. She loves chewing on Nylabones, or simply pouncing around with a toy on her own. Stephy loves treats, which makes her a quick learner of new tricks and skills – she’s… Read Entire Story »

Giving Tree 2018

December 3, 2018

Can you spare a Gift for me? Spread Joy to the Animals from December 1-25, you will find Giving Tree ornaments and trees for Kitsap Humane Society at the following locations: Kitsap Humane Society MudBay Z-Bones Top Wish List Items: Dry kibble (for both cats and dogs) Wet food (for both cats and dogs, pate… Read Entire Story »

Pet of the Week – Gina

November 27, 2018

Meet Gina (78316)! She is a pretty 3-year-old dilute tortoiseshell with a big voice and curious eyes. Gina came to the shelter in rough condition and is looking for a home where she can take the time she needs to come out of her shell. Gina can be nervous with handling, and prefers not to… Read Entire Story »

Pet of the Week – Ellie

November 19, 2018

Meet Ellie (58066)! Isn’t she the cutest pup you ever did see? Ellie is 5 years old and is a black and white pittie mix who loves to cuddle. She is very playful and silly. She loves just about any toy she can get her paws on and enjoys playing fetch and tug-of-war (or just… Read Entire Story »

Pet of the Week – Gloria

November 13, 2018

Meet Gloria (78671)! This playful 2-year-old is a very adventurous kitty who likes to play with her humans. She also really likes head scratches and will look up at you with her pretty eyes and slowly blink them at you when she is appreciating it. Gloria needs a family where she is the only kitty,… Read Entire Story »