Walk-Through Pet Viewing is Back!

March 1, 2024

Media Contact:
Mike Bush, Director of Communications
(360) 692-6977 x 1206


Kitsap Humane Society Once Again
Opens Kennels to Public

 Silverdale, WA – Kitsap Humane Society is once again allowing visitors to walk through its kennels to visit dogs and cats, eschewing the online queue adoption system that’s been in place for the last few years.

“It’s one of the most often-asked questions we get at KHS,” said Communications Director Mike Bush. “When are you going to open the kennels again? Well, the answer is ‘now’.”

Like the rest of the world, things at KHS changed dramatically during the Covid lockdown, one of which was how the organization allowed people to visit animals. Whereas a curious visitor could once stop in, walk through the kennels, and discover a new best friend to take home, all that changed during the pandemic.

“Because of the precautions we had to take, we could no longer allow people to just stroll through and see dogs and cats,” said Bush. “We had to resort to an electronic queue system where you could make an appointment to see an animal that you’d seen online, but it not like that immediate connection you get by seeing them in person.”

Post-Covid, it was still difficult to return to the old system of walk-through viewing, simply because KHS was short-staffed, and allowing guests back in the kennel areas required extra volunteers to serve as guides. Now, with increased staffing and volunteer participation – and the addition of volunteer “hosts” – the doors are once again open for visitors to fall in love at first sight.

“We’re so excited to get back to this more personal way of introducing people to pets,” said Bush. “There are so many great stories of people who just happened to stop in and felt a bond with a particular animal. We can’t wait to watch that magic happen again.”  


About Kitsap Humane Society
Kitsap Humane Society is a private, non-profit, charitable organization caring for animals in need since 1908. KHS’s vision is that every adoptable companion animal has a home. For more information about our lifesaving work, visit www.kitsap-humane.org.