21 Bunnies Arrive at KHS from Tacoma Hoarding Case

March 1, 2023

Just two weeks ago, The Humane Society for Tacoma & Pierce County received an emergency phone call that more than 240 rabbits were living in unsafe, overcrowded conditions. They began the immense task of transferring all 246 bunnies into their care but knew right away that they would need help to find loving homes for this massive influx of rabbits. Here at Kitsap Humane Society, we knew we could help!

While we don’t have much space for small animals like rabbits, with the help of our dedicated fosters and quick-working staff, we made room for 21 rabbits including a mother and her 4 kits. They arrived just today and are being examined by our vet team, settling into some fresh bedding, and preparing to become available for adoption soon!

Looking to add a bun to your family? Keep an eye on our website to see when these lovely rabbits become available for adoption!