The Life of a KHS Alum & Shining Star: Kyna

October 4, 2022

 Long-time Kitsap Humane Society supporter Denis Powers has found joy in providing his rescue dogs with the most adventurous and relaxing life he could. You may remember him as the adopter of KHS Alumn, Bindy, who had quite a wonderful life. Over the years, Denis has also adopted three cats from KHS as well as his dogs Spencer, Baily, and Kyna.

While perusing our Pet of the Week, Denis spotted Kyna, then named Lucile, and immediately fell in love with her. The next day he was waiting at KHS when the doors opened. He knew he would be taking Kyna home with him and on February 5, 2015, Denis found a perfect fit for his family in Kyna. He lovingly calls her his “Shining Star” and shared 7 years of adoration with Kyna. 

“It breaks my heart to report that my gigantic “Shining Star” Kyna, lost her heroic year-long battle with lymphoma this May 2,” said Denis. “When I brought her home from Kitsap Humane Society in 2015, I had no possible way of knowing the effect her gigantic one-year-old personality would have, not just on me and her three K9 roommates, but on all of the people, she would meet and come in contact with during her eight years of life. She turned out to be the perfect fit for us all. I am so unbelievably thankful that I was the one that got to share those seven happy and wonderful years with this extraordinary lady.

“Of all the dogs that I’ve had through the years, she was by far the happiest. She simply loved everyone and everything that came her way.

“Kyna had so much joy to share, and sometimes, especially at mealtime, that joy poured out of her mouth as “happy talk.” Some people might think, how can he tolerate all of that noise? For me, I couldn’t get enough of it. Kyna added so, so much to my life. When she walked into the room, all of the spotlights were shining on her. She was truly a diva, in the best sense of the word! 

“Every time she saw someone, and I mean, every time she saw, or even heard someone coming into range, she would eagerly begin to wag, not just her tail, but her whole body, as they came into her field of view. She was just so eager to meet everyone. If they had a dog by their side, she would walk right past the dog and go straight to the person first.

I could easily go on and on about her story, but suffice it to say, her memory and the unbounded love we had for each other, will be with me for the rest of my days.”