Pet of the Week – Jeremiah!

March 17, 2020

Meet Jeremiah!

Are you ready to meet the nicest cat in the world? Allow us to introduce you to Jeremiah! He’s a big, handsome black longhair kitty, who is still full of life and love despite being 15 years old. Jeremiah loves petting, brushing, and sitting in laps – he just loves to be loved! He has such a kindhearted nature that he always greets new people with a sweet and friendly demeanor. Jeremiah uses his litterbox consistently and enjoys napping on his cozy cat bed. Since Jeremiah is a special guy with special needs, he is looking for a special home. Jeremiah has some unsteadiness, particularly on his hind end, that makes him wobbly and he sometimes will fall over. Because of this, he will need to be an indoor-only cat in a home where he doesn’t have access to stairs, ledges, or high places, and without small kids or young active pets, as fast movements around him often make him fall over. Jeremiah is looking for a loving home where he can live out the rest of his twilight years in relaxed comfort. He is currently living in a staff office so he can get some extra TLC, so if you feel like your home is the perfect fit for this good-natured guy, ask our front desk staff how you can meet him today! You can meet Jeremiah and other adoptable animals at Kitsap Humane Society, open six days a week.

Learn more about Jeremiah HERE!