Are You Ready for Chick Season?

March 3, 2020

Thinking about getting baby chicks? Sometimes hens turn out to be roosters!

Many families in our community want to teach their children how to raise and care for baby chicks and gather eggs for breakfast. But like many backyard chicken farmers, you may be surprised to find that once the eggs hatch, you have more than one rooster among your flock. In fact, because baby chicks are difficult to sex, you have a 10 percent chance of getting a rooster!

Roosters can make wonderful pets, but they require an ample amount of space, especially when two or more roosters have to coexist in the same henhouse. While roosters can be entertaining, they have very specific needs and housing requirements.

Sadly, many roosters come to KHS as stray or abandoned animals. You can help us reduce the number of birds at the shelter by knowing how to give roosters and chickens the care they need and deserve. If you’re committed to raising chicks, make sure you’re prepared to properly care for them and legally allowed to own them. There are only a few cities in Kitsap and Mason counties where you’re legally permitted to own roosters. Be sure to check local ordinances about whether chickens and roosters are allowed in your neighborhood.

In 2019, we took in 25 stray roosters. On average, roosters stay in our care for a month or more before getting adopted. Help us reduce the number of homeless chickens in our community and consider adopting a chicken from KHS! You can view chickens available for adoption by visiting the adoption page on our website here.