Kitsap Humane Society Assists with Dog in Tree Rescue

August 1, 2019

Kitsap Humane Society Animal Control officers never know what kind of call they’ll get – night or day. But Officer Amber Simons never expected to get an emergency call to rescue a dog stuck on a tree that was suspended 25-feet in the air after falling in a storm. Experienced in working complex animal rescues, she rushed to the scene.

So, what exactly happened?

While on their daily stroll a Port Orchard couple stopped to rest on a tree that had fallen and to let their dog, Skylar off the leash to play. Skylar must have been excited for an adventure because she wandered too far up the tree and got stuck! Multiple trees in that area had collapsed due to a recent rainstorm and this tree was suspended perpendicularly atop another tree, approximately 25 feet in the air! After about an hour of trying to get her to come down, the couple placed an emergency call to Kitsap Humane Society for help.

When Amber arrived at the scene, she initially climbed up the tree but quickly realized that this wasn’t a one-woman-job. The rainstorm made the tree very slippery, making it difficult for Amber to safely transport Skylar back down with her. This rescue required a ladder, but where would she get a ladder tall enough to reach the poor pup? That’s when Amber called South Kitsap Fire & Rescue to give her a helping hand – though that wasn’t the only help she received!

What started out as a couple attempting to rescue their dog themselves rapidly turned into a community of animal lovers working together. Residents walking by noticed the dog stuck in the tree and began comforting the couple. In return, the couple was able to relax and calmly talk Skylar into letting the firefighter strap her in a harness and carry her down from the tree. After four long hours, Skylar was and relieved to have all four-paw back on the ground and even smiled for a photo!