Senior Pets Need Your Help!

March 1, 2018

Has a senior pet ever touched your heart? A record number of senior dogs and cats have been streaming into the shelter this month, many of them needing extra care before they can be adopted. These cherished companions may need surgery, diagnostics/lab work, and medication to keep them comfortable or to manage age-related chronic conditions.
Pets like Felicity, an affectionate Chihuahua mix (right), who came to us with a small cancerous mass that was removed by our veterinary staff. This sweet girl has recovered beautifully and loves quiet strolls around the neighborhood, soft beds, and yummy treats.
It’s not right for these pets to grow old without the care they deserve and the loving companionship of a family. As is often the case with senior pets, it takes us longer to find them good homes, which increases their cost of care.
Please help improve the lives of at-risk senior pets like Felicity by making a generous donation today toward their care at Kitsap Humane Society. Help us give them all the care and love they need until their forever home is found.