Final push needed for SSB 5356!

April 6, 2017

VOTERS IN WA STATE:  Tell the House to Pass the Tethering Law!

Currently there are no protections for dogs who live on tethers/chains in Washington State.  SSB 5356 is a bill that will create basic humane standards for tethered dogs in our state (read more about the bill at the bottom of this story).

Thanks to your tireless advocacy, this bill is now coming to the floor of the Washington State House of Representatives for a vote!  If the House passes the bill with no changes, it will have successfully passed the state legislature and will go to the governor for signature.


Please TAKE 2 MINUTES to contact your 2 WA State Representatives TODAY and urge them to vote YES on SSB 5356, the tethering bill.

CALL or EMAIL (find your State Representatives here)


GO TO the bill’s legislative web page and fill out the online form. Be sure to direct your comments to your two state reps, select “Support” and include any comments.


Tips for contacting your State Representatives:

Please keep your calls or comments polite and brief. SAMPLE MESSAGES:

“I am a voter in your district. Please vote for SSB 5356. This is a good bill that creates reasonable standards for tethering dogs.”

“I am a voter in your district. Please vote for SSB 5356. It will help animal control officers address issues of neglect of dogs in our community.”

” I am a voter in your district. Please vote for SSB 5356. Humane, animal-friendly legislation is important to me and my community and we expect your support on this bill!”


More info on the bill:

SB 5356 is a bill that creates humane standards to address the tethering and chaining of dogs by focusing on dogs’ quality of life and providing Animal Control Officers with more effective enforcement options to fight cruelty and neglect. You can read more about it on our blog or the full text on the bill’s webpage.