Pet of the Week – Tater

March 14, 2017

Meet Tater (Intake #61338). At only a year old, this black lab/pit mix is a bundle of energy! Tater is looking for an active home where he can get lots of exercise. He would love to run around the yard, play ball, or go on hikes with his new best friend! Tater also loves toys and is perfectly content keeping himself occupied with a chew toy. When he’s done playing, he is such a love and enjoys snuggles and attention. Tater prefers to be an only dog so no need to take him to dog parks or doggy day care. He also needs a home without cats ‑ they are just way too fun to chase! Tater can be a bit of a door-darter and loves to climb! So he will need supervised time outdoors and a yard with a nice tall fence, so he stays safe and secure. Tater can be stressed when there is a lot of activity going on outside the home such as people walking dogs past his window, so Tater would not do well in an apartment. His ideal home would be in a rural, quiet area where he can relax and unwind! Tater also needs a home without kids. This special boy knows the perfect home for him is out there somewhere! If you meet Tater’s needs and are looking for a fun, active companion, he’s your guy! You can meet Tater and other adoptable animals at Kitsap Humane Society, open six days a week.