Four canine world travelers arrive for adoption

February 19, 2016

In December 2015 KHS’s Rescue Me program partnered with Wings of Rescue to save four dogs from overcrowded shelters in Israel. The dogs were adopted shortly after their arrival and are doing wonderfully in their new homes, so when Wings of Rescue reached out to KHS again for help, we said YES! While the majority of at-risk animals saved by our Rescue Me program  are from our part of the globe, like Washington and California, we do get requests from further afield that sometimes we just can’t pass up.  The problem of stray and unwanted dogs in Israel is a huge one, with many dogs living on the streets and abandoned in the desert. Many of the dogs are Canaan dog mixes, a breed that looks similar to shepherds, with lanky legs, erect ears and often curled tails. A dedicated group of animal rescuers has been working tirelessly to take in needy dogs and find them homes, but the pool of local adopters for these mostly medium and large dogs is very limited. Our Rescue Me team works closely with the Israeli division of Wings of Rescue to select the dogs for transfer and coordinate their transport to the US and Kitsap.  The dogs in need of rescue were thoroughly temperament tested with people and other dogs before being selected as rescue transfer candidates. In addition, the NOAH Center in Stanwood, WA also agreed to rescue four of these special dogs. The dogs arrived at KHS on the evening of February 18th, having flown from Israel, to California, to Everett and then had a long drive and ferry ride back to  KHS.  After having some time to adjust and decompress from the travel, the dogs will start to be available for adoption on February 19th. Meanwhile, staff and volunteers have been showering the dogs with attention and socialization.  We cannot wait to find these beautiful, smart, loving dogs great homes in the Pacific Northwest, where they will never again have to worry about being abandoned on the streets, or where their next meal will come from. If you’re interested in adopting one of these special dogs, please visit our Adoption page to learn how!

Without further ado, please meet KHS’ most recent Israeli arrivals.