Happy Tails- Ed!

July 13, 2015

jackDear KHS Friends,

Hello all! We just want to give you an update on Ed the cat. We have had him for almost two months now and he is already a member of the family! My husband has renamed him Edward Scissor Hands, because he is always kneading his claws and purring so loudly. However, I have several nicknames for him, including, Big Ed and Eddy Kitty Claws.

He has such a personality too! He loves to meow at you whenever you talk to him, which I call “talking back.” Sometimes he can be quite sassy too! It has been a lot of fun discovering his many quirks. For example Ed is very particular about his food dish. He has to have it full at all times! So he will eat some and then follow you around meowing at you, until you fill it back up!

He has become the boss around our house for sure. At night Ed sleeps at the foot of our bed and doesn’t move for anything, it’s his way or nothing. Ed had also become the boss of our six year old Bulldog. Somehow he used his cat whispering powers on her and she is pretty normal around him, they even sleep on the couch together.

Our family just wanted to thank all of the wonderful people at the KHS for all of the wonderful work you do. Thanks for bringing Ed into our family. We love him.


The Mirth Family