Adopt Annie, the last of the hoarding case cats!

September 19, 2013

Hello, world! My name is Annie, and I don’t mean to brag, but I’m a smart cookie and a VERY brave girl! You see, I spent the first two years of my life in a tiny trailer with 96 of my siblings and relatives and some people, too. It was very difficult for me when I lived there, and I didn’t get to learn that I was lovable, how to be loved or that there could be enough food and attention for me in that place. Then, one glorious day, the nice people at KHS came to rescue me and all of the other kitties! They took us to a place they called “the shelter”, and it was a BIG change for me. I finally had enough food to eat, and a clean place to sleep, but I still wasn’t so sure of people. They kept trying to touch me or pick me up and I wasn’t used to all that … I made angry faces and growled because I thought that they might try to take me back to that trailer, and because I didn’t know how to respond to kindness. I watched as all of the other kitties from that awful trailer went to homes, but I didn’t want to be put in a carrier or even be looked at, because I was still so very scared and unsure.

I’m a brave girl because I finally trusted someone enough to put me a carrier and take me to a place called a “foster home”… when I got out of the carrier, there was food, water, treats, a scratch pad, a cat tree, several beds and a ton of toys … all for ME! My foster mom spent alot of time with me, and I have learned how to trust people, that I am lovable and capable of loving back, how to purr instead of growl, how to meow prettily to ask for what I want or even to just get attention, how to accept being petted and even how to cuddle (on my own terms, I’m still not a fan of being picked up), how to play and what my name is.

I even manage to coexist peacefully (mostly) with my two foster siblings! I’m a smart cookie because I have learned all of this in just 3 months! I am so smart that if a member of my foster family asks me: “Annie, where’s the ball?”, I will lead them to the last place I played with it so that they can throw it for me again. I love to play – plastic balls that rattle are my absolute favorite, paws down, but I also love paper bags, catnip toys, toy mousies, anything with feathers and laser pointers. I’m a jumper and a climber, my favorite places in the house include the ledge at the top of the stairwell, the top of the tall cat tree, windows, the shelf above the washing machine and the top of the fridge. I’m very active and I just love when people play WITH me! I’m very treat-motivated, too. I will do just about ANYTHING, including walking into a carrier on my own four legs, to get a treat! I will drop whatever I am doing and head for the sound of the treat bag rattle.

I’m also very loving and sweet. I like to wind around legs while purring and talking, wake folks up in the mornings by sitting at the foot of the bed and meowing (softly and sweetly, I would never dream of a rude awakening!) and sitting next to people while they watch TV or read. I’m not so sure about laps and I still play rather roughly or forget my good manners and love bite from time-to-time, so a home without small children would be best for me, I think. I like to be in charge, so if there were to be another cat in the house, I’d prefer a laid-back female who is OK with me being the boss, and my foster mom thinks I might even do OK with a baby kitten. I adjust slowly to change (I’m sure you can understand, given my history) so please be patient with me as I learn about my forever family and new home, and spend lots of time just talking to me and letting me come to you at first. If you will be patient and kind with me, my sparkling personality will shine through and I will be loyal, loving and your purr-fect playmate for the rest of my life.

Hoping to be yours,

Annie is still with her foster parents. If you are interested in adopting Annie please contact KHS Foster Coordinator Julie Hammer at (360) 692-6977, ext. 1207 or

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