KHS Responds to Calls for Change

March 30, 2012

In response to concerns voiced during its annual meeting Saturday, the Kitsap Humane Society board of directors announced this week that three longtime members will retire from the board, which decided to revise its term-limits policy. Three new members have joined the board after it approved their appointments.

The three retiring are immediate past President Karyn Kline, Hazel Bellinger, and Dr. James Moore. All have served more than six years. That’s the limit under the revised policy, which allows two three-year terms.

“We greatly appreciate the service of these three board members, who have been mainstays of this organization for so long,” said Rosemary Shaw, board president. “They have put the organization first in so many ways, from their countless hours on our behalf to their response to community requests for new leadership.”

New board members are Emily Olson of Port Orchard, Scott Ewell of Bainbridge Island, and Amy Weissman of Kingston. Together, they bring a wide range of professional experiences, from financial and project management to information technology. Their collective nonprofit work extends from the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts to animal rescue and the Kitsap Humane Society itself.

The board plans to add another five board members by June 1 and reach its full complement of 15 by the end of August, Shaw said. The board is actively recruiting new members and recently has received more than 15 applications.

“We committed to making the board diverse and representative of the community, and we are already taking steps to achieve that,” Shaw said. “We welcome our three new members and are going to work hard to bring in others.”

The three longtime board members’ retirement will take effect June 1. That will allow a transition period for the three new members to go through an orientation period and more fully learn the organization’s procedures.

Shaw and Larry Norvell, who both have five years of service, will remain on the board, as will Gerry Porter and Dr. Cary Hills, who are in their first years. Vice President Lynn Fleischbein also will remain to provide continuity during the board’s transition.

The new members will bring their diverse skills to the board effective immediately.

Ewell has more than 20 years of leadership in software development and information technology, with work for Microsoft, Infosys and other major companies. He is chief technology officer and a board member of Cascadia and serves on the Girl Scouts technical advisory board. He and his wife have served as Kitsap Humane Society volunteers in the foster care of cats and dogs. He lives on Bainbridge Island.

Olson is a certified public accountant and the controller for Kitsap Bank. A longtime Kitsap County resident, she has served as a Girl Scouts treasurer and worked with Junior Achievement, as well as a number of financial industry associations.

Weissman works for Naval Facilities Engineering Command Northwest at Bangor, overseeing a family housing project for the Navy and a private developer. She previously worked as a private consultant, a contracting services manager for the city of Seattle, and an attorney. She has a long history of work for nonprofits, including Kitsap Humane Society and other animal welfare organizations.