Thank you Kitsap Veterans!!

November 11, 2011

Kitsap Humane Society today honors all our incredible local veterans. The dream of freedom and the spirit of service are exactly what drives animal welfare, and many other nonprofit charities. The call to duty to protect our freedom is the ultimate service and sacrifice. Every day youth from small towns and large cities answer this call on our behalf. Thank you for your service to each one of us, we continue our battle against abuse and overpopulation with your gift. Thank you as well to those that have fallen or remain missing. ——– The most highly decorated canine hero in US military history is an American pit bull terrier. Known for their love of humans, they have served us with honor. They went on to be employed to nurse and help raise children, star on the Lil Rascals, and work as service dogs for the disabled. This weekend we honor this connection to our history and armed forces with a pit bull adoption promotion. We will be happy to provide education and training resources. Also…ask us about the Pets for Patriots program!!