Help Save Lives Through Our Barn Cat Program

September 13, 2011

It wasn’t that long ago that feral or semi-feral cats would come into our shelter, and because they weren’t adoptable, they were euthanized. There were cats that came to us with behavior issues, such as not using their litter boxes consistently, and they were euthanized because they weren’t adoptable in to the average home. Good things have been happening at KHS and the felines have benefited from many changes. The most recent change is the Barn Cat Program. When feral or semi-feral cats come in to our shelter, they are evaluated and then spayed or neutered, ear tipped and placed in homes that have a need for rodent control. This is a win-win solution for the adopter and the cat.

While we try to place all of our social cats in an indoor or indoor/outdoor homes, we occasionally have a cat that won’t do well in a home setting. They may not use their litter box, they may be easily over stimulated and become aggressive toward their owners or they may prefer to live outside because that is what they are used to. Whatever the reason, these cats are also placed in barn-type homes. This gives them a chance at life. We expect that all barn cats will be given food and fresh water as well as a safe place to retreat, such as a barn or a shop. By providing a barn cat a home they will return the favor by providing great rodent control. If you are interested in our barn cat program, please click here to learn more. We currently have 8 barn cats looking for their new homes!
                                                                -Kari Wille, KHS Feline Behaviorist