Geo-What during the ASCPA Challenge??

September 12, 2011

We know how to find homes for more animals than ever thanks to the ASPCA Challenge, but do you know how to find KHS? We have some fun info to share, and a promotion for free adoptions if you are interested in letting a friend know. We’re happy to announce one of the more creative activities recently to hit our home on 9167 Dickey Rd. GeoCaching is a really fun hobby, and now you can join the action with a new location at the Kitsap Humane Society! It’s a great sport because you can involve your four legged companion on a treasure hunt. Please visit for more info, it’s very easy! The site was created by one of our dedicated volunteers. Listen to what she has to say: “My husband and I love caching. It gets us out seeing things we may not have known were there and it is a dog friendly “sport” and community of people! Loads of fun!!!” Instructions: Print this blog and bring it with you to to KHS. If you use to find KHS without any other assistance, you or a friend you know will qualify for a free adoption of any of our wonderful adult animals. Please bring along proof of registration.