Help Create Serenity and Comfort for our Pets

September 28, 2011

For some shelter pets, creating a quiet environment for relaxation and the replica of a home can be the greatest gift. Unfortunately, in many shelters, the hustle and bustle of barking dogs, strangers passing by their kennels can be too much for pets in distress to handle.

Think of your pet’s enjoyment lounging in the comfort of their home, the lap time and petting that can put a pet to sleep or the ability to sprawl out on a carpeted floor. Some shelter pets come from conditions where they have lived outside their entire lives and have not experienced the comfort of a home, need extra socialization to trust humans again or are so distressed need time outside of their run to relax. The benefits to giving a shelter pet quiet time can keep them emotionally stable and healthy while awaiting their forever home.

The KHS Behavior Department will be creating a living room replica giving our pets some much needed R&R. We are asking for donations of the following items for our relaxation room:
• Working battery operated radio
• 2 wall shelves
• Two sets of curtains
• Washable rag rugs
• Coffee table
• End table with drawers
• Washable loveseat & chair

If you would like to donate these items, please e-mail or call (360) 692-6977, ext. 1117 to make arrangements. We have limited storage space and can only accept items to complete the room.
                    With much appreciation,
                    Stacey Price, KHS Director of Animal Welfare