Who We Are

September 30, 2011

At the Kitsap Humane Society we all share the same goal: to ensure that all adoptable pets find a loving home. We work together and are all alike in our mission. But who are we individually?

Did you know at the customer service desk we have an employee who is opening an animal sanctuary in Calcutta, India? An artist who paints beautiful canvases which amaze us? An employee who helped refugees in her previous employment? And an employee whose passion is helping spay and neuter feral cats?

We have amazing people everywhere at the Kitsap Humane Society. There are artists, writers, singers, dancers, public speakers and sportsmen. Our employees are passionate people in both their daily lives, and work. We are diverse. We are one. We are the employees of the Kitsap Humane Society. Rescue. Rehabilitate. Rehome.
                                       – Heather Kite, KHS Shelter Director