Why shop when you can adopt during the ASPCA Challenge 2011?

August 24, 2011

Most folks don’t realize that when you adopt from the Kitsap Humane Society, you are not just saving one life. You’re actually saving 2 lives! That’s right, you get to rescue your loved new companion and at the same time create an open space for another animal in need.

It’s a fact, most local sources of puppies in every community come either from puppy mills or back yard breeders. Customers are charged a huge price for an animal with inbred genetics, frequently related health issues, and their money is used to keep puppy mills in business. Even today while 50% of animals in the US are euthanized before finding a forever home, these puppy mills flourish with hundreds of animals that never see daylight or human compassion.

At Kitsap Humane Society you can expect something different. Here, you are a life saver and part of our safety net for animals in need locally. Don’t buy your next puppy from a local store that is importing them across state lines with gas guzzlers.

Our animals come with great stories, the best medical care in our region, and behavior training support. We even microchip your animal so you can find each other when lost nationally, and we provide needed spay/neuter services which greatly reduce your companion’s chances of certain cancers and house training issues. We are often overflowing with highly adoptable, purebred, family friendly animals of all sizes. (we even have ducks and a horse!)

Stay local, choose humane! Reduce – Rehome- Rethink