Kitsap Humane Streamlines Adoption Process

August 11, 2011

That’s right! The ASPCA sure knows how to shake things loose through the ASPCA $100K Challenge. We’ve taken a good look at our adoption process and are implementing changes. Future adopters can look forward to quicker service and better advice on the right match. Hey, we know you’re adopting a family member and so you will never be rushed into a decision. We like that you take time to consider everything. We’re shortening a part of the process today to help with that. We used to allow folks to “Pre-Adopt” an animal by placing a nonrefundable hold fee on a stray animal that was awaiting her hold period for reclamation. The public loved this option, but we found the majority of those animals would be reclaimed by their families. Much time was spent on ‘holding’ an animal while great companions were waiting to meet you and go home. Well, now we can use all this time to provide you with a better experience and save more lives. Together we can realize the community vision of providing every adoptable animal a home. Rescue. Rehabilitate. Rehome.