Thinking about adoption but not sure?

August 11, 2011

You can try out something called “Foster” if you want to adopt but are unsure. We can get you trained very quickly to join in the fun. Foster is an amazing option for families to see how living with an animal companion could work. It’s free, tax deductible even, and helps free kennels for other animals in need. Just stop in to talk with us. Even better if you don’t want to adopt but just want to HELP an animal in need: Foster volunteers are also very special folks that take our animals into their homes for rehabilitation. We call them At Home Angels formally. Annually we home upwards of 1,000 animals in the foster program. At any one time though if you took a snap shot, our animals are as active in foster homes as they are with our shelter building. Years ago shelters simply had volunteers or staff willing to care for animals they knew were savable, yet no kennel spaces existed. Like many great things in nonprofit charities, volunteers created this resource and it evolved into something bigger and better. Fast forward a few years, and finally we see shelters with official foster programs and increasingly we see shelters quick to dedicate a full time coordinator to the position. Foster remains a foundation for maximizing life saving, eliminating unnecessary euthanasia, and a cool way to try out adoption before committing! It’s a win for all. All KHS AT Home Angels qualify for free adoptions during the ASPCA $100K Challenge.