A Day in the Life of a KHS Foster Family: Petey the Tripod; Day 6

December 9, 2010

Petey has shown much improvement in his social skills. He is now actively seeking affection and loves to lay around with everyone in the living room at night. He is still skittish around new people-and our active 15 year old. We don’t hold that against him though because sometimes our active 15 year old is too much for us! The leash training is going slowly. Petey likes to be out in the back yard with the canine gang and even explores around the perimeter now. When we put the leash on sometimes he will go outside and sometimes he won’t. His buddy, Bruno can usually entice him out for a stroll around the front yard though. We have not ventured much further than that as we want him to realize that putting on the leash is a good thing, not a stressful one. We sometimes forget that he is an adolescent because Petey is so calm most of the time. This afternoon Brett went downstairs to check his email and let the dogs either follow him or not. Petey chose to stay upstairs and when Brett returned, the tip of the telephone antenna had been chewed off. We have been providing him things to do and chew when we leave him downstairs and he has been happy to chew appropriately when we leave the house. Dogs get bored when we are around too-lesson learned! Petey is very close to being available for adoption. We will keep him as a foster until he finds the perfect home though. While we at KHS do our best to provide a safe and enriching environment for the dogs, it just isn’t the best place for a dog like Petey. Dogs need a family and we are happy to be Petey’s temporary one. Stay tuned for more of Petey’s progress and news on his status! If you are interested in meeting Petey in the future, please email our foster coordinator at hdahl@kitsap-humane.org.