A Day in the Life of a KHS Foster Family: Petey the Tripod; Day 13

December 17, 2010

Day 13: Petey is becoming much more comfortable in a home environment. He has been expressing his opinions about strangers lately though. His biggest obstacle still, is social skills with people he does not see every day. When a new person comes up the stairs he will let out a resounding “Wooo-Woooof!” And boy does he have an intimidating bark! He is obviously scared but if this behavior is not addressed, it could become worse. We advise people to approach slowly and quietly and basically ignore Petey in the beginning-no eye contact! Once he calms down, we try giving the new person treats to throw in front of him while slowly inching forward. He is learning that people have yummy stuff and will eventually take treats from their hand. This works, unless the new person has a camera! One of our amazing volunteers came by to take pictures of Petey for a foster brochure and he was having none of it. He hunkered down on his bed and watched her every move. Luckily he is a handsome guy and even in a watchful mood, she got some decent shots! Petey is a work in progress just like the rest of us! He loves to run-yes,run-around in the backyard with Bruno. He enjoys running up to Sierra and trying to get her to play. I even caught Sierra succumbing to his charms yesterday with a play bow! Petey still has to work on Peppe the Bichapoo but he will eventually win him over too. We are so thankful to have Petey around to show us that there is hope for all creatures. With enough guidance, work and know-how, a suffering and fearful dog can learn to be happy and social. Petey may never be as people-loving as our Bruno, but he can at least learn to be a central part of a human and canine family. Molly & Brett