From our Archives

November 8, 2010

Our shelter has had many changes since 1908. We have grown from a small shack to our current expanding compound. In the process we have discovered a few treasures. As with everything that makes us so proud of our organization we will share them with you here on our website.

In the next few months we will post stories, old photos, newspaper clippings (yes clippings), and biographies as we discover them.

Because of all the changes in our organization throughout the years, some stories will have more information than others. Some photos will just be that; a simple photo. The time that further research requires is not currently within our reach but nontheless, we can assure you that the trip back in time will be just as fascinating.

Our archives include many heartwarming, funny, informative and at times shocking articles. Some treasures come from the local newspapers, some are in form of polaroids (remember those?) and some come from simple thank you cards or notes.

We also want to make a request from our community. We ask that you please come forward with any archives, photos or stories that relate to the Kitsap Humane Society. Of course if you recognize anyone in the photos or we have the wrong information please let us know. We welcome any and all information and corrections.

The first treasure that we want to share with you is from August 31, 1961.

Written on back of photo:

August 31, 1961 – Humane Society Took over September 1, 1961 Harold Lent (President of Kitsap Co. Humane Society), Don Sherrill (Manager), Almeda Harris, Whitey Domstad (Mayor of Bremerton) Zon Cunnngham (outgoing poundmaster)