Our News: Pet of the Week

Pet of the Week – Ferdinand

June 25, 2019

Meet Ferdinand (85497)! This cute guy enjoys lounging around in the Cattery at KHS and really enjoys the view from his perch. He thinks it would be awesome if his new home had a nice windowsill to look out of or a nice tall cat tower! When Ferdinand isn’t spending time on his perch, he… Read Entire Story »

Pet of the Week – Goldie

June 18, 2019

Meet Goldie (39398)! This gentle girl loves nothing more than to cuddle up with her favorite humans (especially if the couch is involved!) and will make a wonderful addition to a home looking to add a low-key snuggle-bug to their home. Goldie is currently spending time in a foster home, and her foster parents report… Read Entire Story »

Pet of the Week – Papaya

June 11, 2019

Meet Papaya (85263)! Her favorite activities include soaking up the warm sun while lying on a windowsill. Whenever she isn’t relaxing, she likes to snack on yummy treats and sit with her favorite human! Papaya is shy when meeting new people and going new places, so she would do best with a dedicated and patient… Read Entire Story »

Pet of the Week – Sarge

June 4, 2019

Meet Sarge (45867)! This goofy boy loves to play and run around and get all his zoomies out! This kind boy has been through a lot of change lately and will need a consistent and stable routine to help him adjust into the home. Sarge would love to go on walks, runs, and hikes with… Read Entire Story »

Pet of the Week – Clyde

May 29, 2019

Meet Clyde (84795)! This stud muffin is a laid-back boy who enjoys spending time on his perch where he takes his best cat naps. He thinks it would be great if his new home had a perch or windowsill he can hang out on. Clyde can be a bit nervous in new situations, so he… Read Entire Story »

Pet of the Week – Genevieve

May 21, 2019

Meet Genevieve (84772)! She loves to spend time with people and is such a blast to play with in our play yard and gets so excited to play fetch. Genevieve is a happy-go-lucky gal and always manages to put a smile on people’s faces. She is a big fan of butt scratches, belly rubs, and… Read Entire Story »

Pet of the Week – Professor Van Winkle

May 14, 2019

Meet Professor Van Winkle (83244)! He loves it when you talk to him in a sweet, soft voice and will crawl out of his cozy cubby to say hello when he feels comfortable. Professor Van Winkle will roll around and stretch his whole body out to ask for pets – it’s so adorable! He really… Read Entire Story »

Pet of the Week – Yeti

May 8, 2019

Meet Yeti (83020)! With a playful and adventurous personality, he is an active boy and loves all types of toys – especially squeaky toys, balls, or tug toys! Yeti will even toss his toys in the air and catch them if no one will play with him – it’s adorable! His favorite game in the… Read Entire Story »

Pet of the Week – Dominic

April 30, 2019

Meet Dominic (84996)! He is a gray tabby with lovely green eyes. He’s a big fan of windowsills, cat trees and, of course, cozy blankets. Coming into the hustle and bustle of the Cattery has made Dominic feel a little shy. He needs a dedicated and patient adopter who can give him time to settle… Read Entire Story »

Pet of the Week – Tiger

April 17, 2019

Meet Tiger (81251)! He is a long-haired brown tabby with a sweet and gentle personality. One of his favorite pastimes is lounging around on tall cat trees. Once he trusts you, he enjoys soft pets, being brushed, and talked to in a calm and relaxing manner. When he first arrived at our shelter, he was… Read Entire Story »