KHS Construction Update – 9-15-23

September 21, 2023

Signs, Signs, Everywhere There’s Signs.

It’s not just a great song, it’s the second-best thing to happen at the Russ and Linda Young Veterinary Lifesaving Center this week. All kinds of signs – donor signs for particular rooms, Braille signs, tribute signs to beloved pets, comical signs signaling that there is “no urination in this space” – went up around the clinic, one of the final pieces of the puzzle that we’ve all been putting together for so many months. Again, however, it was only the second-best thing. The best? Surgeries. Lots and lots of surgeries. Finally at home in their new space, the Veterinary crew has begun performing surgeries and saving lives. The first emergency surgery was yesterday (a Cane Corso named Bentley) and the first dental surgery (Douglas the cat) was just a couple of days before. Congratulations team!

Down at the south end of the campus, the MRJ Construction folks are making fast work of putting up The Barn, with the roof sheeting going up earlier this week, and the siding planned for next.

There’s a lot going on – and frankly, we’re due for a party. So, please join us for our 30th Annual Animal Krackers Gala on Oct. 7 at Suquamish Clearwater Resort. Get your tickets today by clicking here. We’ll see you there!