The Wonderful Life of Bindy

December 3, 2020

KHS Alum lives every dog’s dream

Long-time Kitsap Humane Society supporter Denis Powers has found joy in providing his rescue dogs with the most adventurous and relaxing life he could. Over the years, Denis has adopted three cats from KHS as well as his dogs Spencer, Baily, Bindy, and Kyna.

Denis felt that he had a special bond with each of his pets, but he described Bindy as a “one in a million” dog. And while he hadn’t planned on adopting a dog the day he found Bindy, she was a light in his life from the moment they met.

While shopping at PetSmart one day, Denis stumbled upon Bindy, “As I entered the store, off to the left, was a table staffed by volunteers from Kitsap Humane Society,” he wrote in an email. “Next to that table, in a large wire crate, stood an extremely beautiful long-haired yellow dog. I just had to go over and see this wonderful dog. Inside the crate, I found a dog that seemed completely confused and lost. I asked the volunteer for some information. She said the dog was a one year and three-month-old Golden Retriever mix that had been surrendered only hours before. She then asked me if I would like to take the dog for a walk around the store. Knowing full well what was about to happen, I eagerly said yes. As we walked through the crowded aisles, many commented, ‘“Oh what a beautiful dog you have.” Feeling like a proud father already, I quickly returned to the volunteer, and humbly asked, “May I adopt her?” Thankfully, the answer was yes. Fifteen minutes later, we were all riding home together. In the back seat, the Golden Retriever mix, now named Bindy, was joined by 12-year-old Spencer and 7-year-old Baily.”

“After a great first day together, it was time for the four of us to go to bed—Spencer in his usual place and Baily in her’s. Then I got into bed and, standing to the side, was tentative, Bindy smiling and wagging her tail. I asked, and at the same time, motioned with my hands, “Would you like to join us?” She eagerly leaped onto the bed and placed her front legs on my chest. She quickly found ‘her spot,’ and we all drifted off to sleep.”

“I didn’t know it at the time, but as it turned out, Bindy was one of those, ‘one in a million’ dogs. Her incredible intelligence, coupled with her kind, gentle, and welcoming nature, made her the perfect dog to take along with me wherever I went.” 

“Throughout our 13 1/2 years together, she never disappointed me. I never once had to even discipline her. That’s not to say she didn’t have her ‘willful’ moments. Whenever I went somewhere in the car, she always expected to come along. When we were walking the trails or outside around the house, she loved to play ball or explore. When it was time to return to the house, she could sometimes become conveniently ‘hard of hearing’ when I called her. When I would need to go outside by myself, she would stand in front of me and would not take no for an answer when I told her she had to stay behind. I always had to laugh, while at the same time, hold her back as I tried to exit.” 

“In the end, let it be said, I am one very, very fortunate human being. The intense love and pride I had for Bindy, inhabited every single ounce of my being. Her kind, gentle, loving spirit will remain deep within me for the rest of my days. Oh, how I miss her… She was with us from November 18, 2006, until we had to say goodbye on June 8, 2020. I am so glad I was the lucky one she chose to give her a wonderful life. ”


Submitted by Denis Powers