Happy Tails – Lokelani

November 5, 2019

We’re excited to share an update about a cute little kitten named Lokelani who was adopted by Chloe Stragier and her loving family.

Here’s how Chloe says Lokelani is doing:

“Lokelani is doing really well and so are we! We have renamed her Lokelani since she came from Maui. She seemed to settle in right away and has been super cuddly and playful. She is great at using her litter box and loves riding on our shoulders. She had her first vet appointment a couple of weeks ago and has another one on Monday to finish up her vaccines. She was sneezy when she first came home but that has gone away, and she is getting stronger and growing like a weed. She is the best kitty ever and we love her so much!”