Why They’re Doing PetsWALK

June 14, 2019

Have you wondered what motivates people to join the fun at PetsWALK? Well, if you love animals, it’s a blast to join a bunch of like-minded people and their pets for a 5K walk/run/stroll in one of the prettiest waterfront towns around. Best of all, the people who walk are dedicated to raising funds to support shelter animals in need.

But for many, PetsWALK is much more than that. We asked some of our current walkers why they’re participating this year, and here’s what they had to say:

Lynn Long is walking in honor of her shelter pets. “I’m participating in PetsWALK because my Dexter came from a humane society. I went to a humane society in 2010 to look at a dog I had seen online. At the time, I had intended on adopting an adult dog. But when I saw my little scrappy pup in that kennel, I knew he was the one because he chose me. Now we’re getting ready to celebrate his 9th adoptiversary in September. He’s traveled with me across country 3 times, loves to go hiking, and has just been the best dog & companion. I also adopted my big orange tiger, Theodore J. “Teddy” Fitzcatrick from a local cat rescue in 2013. I had taken Dexter to a local pet store that kept some of the rescue’s cats. Dexter & Teddy walked right up to each other, nose-to-nose, and I knew Teddy was ours. Teddy is such a lovey cat and keeps me laughing! Shelter pets really are the best. I wish I could adopt them all, but since I can’t, I support my local humane societies who are trying to find a home for every pet.”

Jeanice Johnson is walking for the first time and is so amazed at the generosity of her friends! “We have adopted several wonderful pets from KHS since moving here in 1980. Our most recent adoptee is Smokey. He’s an amazing cat who thinks he is a dog and fits right in with our two. He initiates the play. I believe so much in all the hard work you do to save animals and place them in good homes. Smokey was a rescue from a kill shelter in Texas after the Hurricane left him a ‘stray.’ We had been without a cat for over a year and when I went to KHS the first time to look for another, he had just arrived, and it was love at first purr. I’m attaching pictures of him his first day here.  I decided to do the PetsWALK for the first time this year because I feel so strongly about what you do to save animals. I’ve been amazed at the generosity of family and friends who have donated almost $600 to sponsor me (my first goal was $100). They are the best!!!!! My best friend is walking my little dog and a great friend is joining us with a pup we take care of when she’s on vacation. So, we’ll see you soon!”

Crystal Cannon is committed to helping animals in her community because her pets have helped her through tough times. “I have always had a special connection with animals, and they have helped me though very tough times. I was a licensed hairdresser when I adopted my girl Aria, who is a German Shepherd, from Kitsap Humane Society. She has since then changed my life. I now work at Run Dog Run, and I hope to work with animals for the rest of my life. Aria was 7 when I adopted her, and she will be 10 in July! I felt like we both provided each other with a friend to rely on. She is my best friend, and now has a sister named Fresa! I hope to continue helping animals in my community any way I can. One day I hope to be able to assist in rescue missions for abandoned animals!”

Donna Hixon is participating in PetsWALK this year to support her PTST clients who are also walking with their service dogs. “It is a big step for them, and I will be there to support them. Handling the crowds is a major breakthrough.”

Don’t we have the most amazing community? Thank you to Lynn, Jeanice, Crystal and Donna for sharing their stories, and to all of you who participate.

Please join us, and register today!