10 Ways to Fundraise for PetsWALK!

May 24, 2019

PetsWALK is coming up soon, and if you’ve registered – you’re likely working on trying to meet your fundraising goal. Some of our annual top fundraisers came up with 10 ideas for how you can fundraise for this year’s PetsWALK event – so that you can meet your goal, win awesome prizes, and help even more shelter pets in need at Kitsap Humane Society.

  1. Share about PetsWALK on social media. Share the specific link to your fundraising page, and ask your friends and family online to give.
  2. Email, call, or text your friends and family individually to ask them to give.  Tell them Travis the PetsWALK spokespet sent you! 
  3. Ask a local business to help you fundraise. They might be willing to host an afternoon where a percent of their proceeds or $1 per drink are donated to your fundraising goal. At your “takeover” event, ask your team to help you sell raffle tickets for some sort of prize basket.
  4. Use a mix of statistics and stories as you tell people about Kitsap Humane Society and why shelter animals are important to you.
  5. Give away your fundraising incentives. As you raise more money, you can win more prizes. You can raffle those prizes off to your donors as a thank you for helping you reach your goal.
  6. Use your talents. If you’re an artist, offer a small custom piece to those who give toward your goal. If you love baking, make your friends and family a batch of cookies if they choose to donate!
  7. Challenge your workplace to compete against a similar workplace in our community. For example, if you work at Chase Bank – ask your co-workers to join a Chase team and then challenge Bank of America to see who can raise the most money.
  8. Challenge your friends and family that if they help you meet your goal, you’ll “dye your hair” or “wear your clothes backwards for a day” or something similar.
  9. Give up your drive-thru coffee for the weeks leading up to PetsWALK and put that money toward your fundraising goal instead.
  10. Host a sale or dog and car wash – this could be a yard sale, bake sale, or even just posting a few items on Facebook Marketplace. Alternatively, you could host a dog and car wash for your friends and family

Whatever you do, HAVE FUN! The animals are counting on you! If you haven’t registered yet for PetsWALK presented by Poulsbo Animal Clinic, now is the time. Register here!